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2020 Junior Production - Mr Benn

2020 Junior Tall Poppies Production - Mr Benn

First seen on television on 25 February 1971, Mr Benn lived at 52 Festive Road, London, and was the ultimate Mr Nice Guy in a bowler hat.

mrbennBut whenever he entered a mysterious costume shop, (where the shopkeeper always arrived “as if by magic”) and tried on a costume, Mr Benn inevitably stepped out of the changing room (through “the door that always led to adventure”) into a different time and place appropriate to his apparel.

In the Tall Poppies production, Mr Benn and his assistant, Mr Pen, now own the mysterious costume shop and the play is centred around Miss Celia Apple – a school-teacher. Mr Pen and Mr Benn have a cat, Whiskers, who causes Celia many problems in her adventures through the “changing room door”.

Celia goes into an Axis Legends video game, onto a magnificent film-set filled with high-status characters and into an alleyway of gang cats.





What is the Tall Poppies Youth Theatre Company?


Established in 2011 to provide performance opportunities for all students in the community in year 7 or above at the time of audition, the Youth Theatre Company auditions, rehearses and performs to the wider Palmerston North and rural communities.  We perform real plays, to real audiences using real actors and directors.  The Tall Poppies Youth Theatre Company is supported by the Tall Poppies Community Performance Trust.


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