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2019 Junior Production

2019 Junior Tall Poppies Production

This year Tall Poppies' Junior Production is HAWK. It's a story about the last remaining renegade humans aboard their decrepit spaceship (which looks remarkably like the Huntley Power Station). HAWK are opposed to the new taxes the Empire have imposed to decrease the instances of cross-planetary travel. HAWK travel throughout the galaxy, collecting friends and foe as they go. They visit Speclar - a team of firecracker, unpredictable, outliers and Maeg - the super-genious planet who are experiencing the loss of their youth to other planets (and they're worried they aren't cool enough to keep them) - and Dundundundunar - the muddies whose rhythm and sense of community goes unbeaten. We still have places left in our stage-coaching and Academy classes for children (and their parents) who are keen to take part. All Tall Poppies students play distinct characters with speaking roles in our junior shows. For details of classes and enrolment forms, please see







What is the Tall Poppies Youth Theatre Company?


Established in 2011 to provide performance opportunities for all students in the community in year 7 or above at the time of audition, the Youth Theatre Company auditions, rehearses and performs to the wider Palmerston North and rural communities.  We perform real plays, to real audiences using real actors and directors.  The Tall Poppies Youth Theatre Company is supported by the Tall Poppies Community Performance Trust.


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