Program Year: Refers to the current year of education within a specific program; this designation may or may not correspond to the Resident’s graduate year level. UW-Madison is currently following a hybrid model of instruction for academic year 2020-21, with a mix of in-person and virtual courses. For the purposes of this Article, Seattle Children’s will observe the same holidays as the University of Washington for Resident work assignments. To take unpaid time off under the statute, Residents must consult with their Program Director and use their Program’s procedure for making advance time off requests. Residents appointed less than full time shall receive sick time off on a pro rata basis. Hello home away from home UW-Platteville has 13 Residence Halls that make the transition to college life smooth and simple. Family and Medical Leave. Residents are given 10 days of education leave per year for attending educational events which must be approved by the residency director. Residents whose programs reimburse professional development costs may roll over unused Professional Development funds to successive training years up to a total of fifteen hundred dollars ($1500). It is understood that when a committee agenda includes a subject concerning the University’s relationship (existing or potential) with any union, or involves the administration of any collective bargaining agreement or wages or benefits for any employee, whether or not members of this bargaining unit, Residents in attendance may be excused from that portion of the committee meeting by the Chair of the Committee. The committee will convene within thirty (30) calendar days of the GME Office receipt of the appeal on a mutually agreed upon date. This side letter will expire upon incorporation of the above language into Article 5 Dues Deductions and RFPU Membership. An additional representative will be designated by the Director of Labor Relations. Most freshmen and sophomores are required to live in the residence halls unless they live within a specified distance. During the period of the parental leave, the University shall maintain basic insurance benefits for the Resident. Staff unions Inlandboatmen’s Union. The Chair of GMEC and RFPU will appoint a committee to hear the grievance as outlined below. Therefore, the University shall not lock out any of the employees as a result of a labor dispute or grievance or disputes on personnel matters; nor shall the RFPU in any way authorize, assist, condone, participate in, or lend support to any work stoppage, work slowdown or any other curtailment of work in the bargaining unit, and employees shall not engage in any such activity. IN CONSIDERATION of the mutual covenants by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System operating as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of University Housing (hereinafter referred to as the Our two primary training sites are Harborview Medical Center (HMC) and the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC). One of our domain experts will have a price to you within 24 business hours. The University has the sole and exclusive authority to make all decisions involving patient care, including the procedures, facilities, and equipment to be used, as well as to determine, establish and change staffing levels and the coverage for each service, shift, and department. 4. A. Should such notice be served, bargaining shall commence at a time agreed upon by the parties no sooner than January 1, 2022. In lieu of itemized reimbursement of travel costs, each Resident will receive a one hundred dollar ($100) per year travel allowance. stream Employees requesting PFML benefits through the Employment Security Department must provide notice to the University as outlined under RCW 50A.04.030. [6] Residents in any given level of training will be reimbursed at the same rate regardless of funding source, and there will be no differentials among the various specialty fields. Accumulated sick time off that is not transferable is not compensable at the completion or expiration of the appointment to the Program. Location. V. Decision-Making: The Committee shall issue a written consensus statement of its findings and render a recommended course of action within fourteen (14) calendar days that will be transmitted to all parties to the grievance. Section 3. University Residence Halls Contract . Laboratory Equipment, Supplies and Chemicals – Use UW Madison Contract 11-5303 Microsoft Education Campus & Select Agreements, 12-2066 Networking Equipment & Supplies, 16-2058 Reimbursement may only be requested by collective bargaining unit members after they are officially employees of the University of Washington, which is on or after their appointment start date. 1. The Employer may designate other appropriate University personnel to act as the Unversity’s representative for the purposes of Step Two. You are responsible for knowing all the information contained in this document. If the arbitrator is not available to hear the case within sixty (60) calendar days of being contacted to request available arbitration dates either party may elect to go to the whose name was the last to be struck. The amounts of the stipend will be as follows: Nothing in this section will preclude individual programs from offering a higher home call stipend. Outside work includes (1) Internal Moonlighting, (2) External Moonlighting, (3) Extra Pay for Extra Duty and (4) Additional Non-Clinical Work. On October 14, UW reached agreement with UWHA on the first collective bargaining agreement for UW residents and fellows represented by UWHA (called “Residents” below). Fill out the form below. For salary/stipend received under certain grants, no income taxes may be withheld. IV. �*�����F���a��ن�x��|u��m���S�t�������]__�e�T����ԗ��C� ���a���V�:�4n�w+�W��7�w+�7����e�Z��+����n����m�z�:��0�����W����>�U5���m�p]�ܸLC�u0����8T߶>����74��`V�z�Y_lW���;������4��k��]�{��������������NtH�L�W}���0����R����� The Committees as well as both parties will have an opportunity to ask questions of third parties who appear as subject matter experts of witnesses. Accredited: Officially recognized and authorized by the ACGME (Accredited Council for Graduate Medical Education) or the Committee on Dental Accreditation (CODA). The arbitrator will strive to render a decision on the grievance within thirty (30) days of the close of the hearing, or as otherwise agreed between the parties. The parties recognize that the Washington State Family and Medical Leave Program (RCW 50A.04) is in effect beginning January 1, 2020 and eligibility for and approval of leave for purposes as described under that Program shall be in accordance with RCW 50A.04. Residents are not entitled to civil for civil legal action that is not directly related to their University appointment. 6. Reasonable Accommodations. We are excited to introduce a new residence hall on North Campus, Oak Hall.Due to occupancy planning brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, Oak Hall will be available only to freshmen students this fall. All submitted conditions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis in order to determine the appropriateness under this article. To care for the Resident’s seriously ill family member or partner. Resident: Any physician in an accredited graduate medical education program, including Interns, Residents, and Fellows. The RFPU and the University shall each have fourteen (14) calendar days to accept or reject the Committee decision. Senior Residents will be given priority in requests for professional leave and programs will make every effort to grant professional leave for fellowship or job interviews. Specialty Program: A structured educational experience in a field of medical practice following completion of medical school and, in some cases, prerequisite basic clinical education designed to conform to the Program Requirements of a particular specialty; also known as ‘core’ programs. Representatives from the GME Office and Labor Relations, as well as the Program Director (and/or designee) will meet with the grievant and representatives from the RFPU within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving the grievance, unless there is a mutually agreed upon time extension as previously outlined. 8. Washington Family Medical Leave Program effective January 1, 2020. VII. FOR HOUSING AND DINING SERVICE . 2. Section 4. Leaves of absence, for any reason, may affect a Resident’s eligibility for board certification. It is the employee’s responsibility to schedule the personal holiday before December 31st. III. Section 3. Materials posted on Union bulletin boards without the signature of a recognized Union officer or representative may be removed. Students who live on campus tend to: Before submitting the online Residence Hall Contract, carefully review the Terms and Conditions. 5. Rotation: An educational experience of planned activities in selected settings, over a specific time period, developed to meet goals and objectives of the program. Family member is defined in Article 15 Leave – Sick. Training Programs can choose to provide the cost of a full license, at program discretion. Except as expressly provided otherwise in this Agreement, the management rights of the University include, but are not limited to, the right to establish and control the University’s programs, resources and priorities; to establish, revise and administer procedures, reasonable rules and regulations; to alter or discontinue existing equipment, facilities, and location of operations; to determine or modify the number, qualifications, scheduling, responsibilities and assignment of Residents; to evaluate and to determine the processes and criteria by which the performance of Residents are evaluated; to establish, maintain, modify or enforce standards of performance, conduct, order and safety; to impose corrective action including to terminate a Resident from a training program; to determine the eligibility and selection criteria of Residents; to determine and assign the training assignments of Residents; to determine Resident schedules and hours within ACGME duty hour limits; to assign work locations; and to take whatever actions are necessary in the event of an emergency. The mission of the University of Wisconsin Psychiatry Residency is (a) to help residents learn to compassionately and effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illness and their sequelae, and (b) to facilitate residents’ contributions to the field of medicine and to … If necessary, due to continued approved personal medical or parental leave approved beyond the FMLA period, or if the employee is not eligible for FMLA, the employee may elect to use eight (8) house of accrused applicable paid time off for continuation of employer paid health insurance benefits for the duration of the approved leave of absence. V. The decision of the arbitrator will be binding on all parties. These leaves will be unpaid unless the Resident elects to use paid time off to the extent the circumstances meet the requirements for sick time off or as required by law. 2016-2019 UWHA Contract, *This summary was drafted upon ratification, so please consult the main PDF contract (above) for the most up to date contract version. On July 10, 2020, the Employer will provide each Resident with a twelve hundred and fifty dollar ($1,250.00) lump sum payment. Required Certifications. RFPU will send a copy to the Labor Relations Office within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Step Two decision. The University of Washington holidays are as follows: Residents who are not scheduled to work on the above holidays will not be required to utilize any other type of paid time off for the holiday. Under RCW 50A.15.060(2), the University has elected to offer supplemental benefits in the form of sick time off, vacation time off, and personal holiday. University of Wisconsin -La Crosse, Office of Residence Life (hereinafter referred to as “ORL”) and you, the student (hereinafter referred to as “you” and/or “resident”), signing the contract, IT IS AGREED AS FOLLOWS: You understand this is a legally binding contract that CANNOT be cancelled without approval from Residence Life after For more information about how to apply for PFML and how to use concurrent leave benefits, please refer to Programs may request a one-step stipend increase for transferring residents at their discretion. Benefits enrollment letters are sent to new employees via the University of Washington’s Workday HR/payroll system during their first week of employment. It is understood that the voting rights of the Resident committee members may vary if mutually agreed upon by both the Resident member(s) and the respective Committee Chair. Representing residents and fellows in the UW School of Medicine and in the UW School of Dentistry. The GME Committee (GMEC) and the GMEC Policy Subcommittee shall each include the RFPU president (or designee) and have a minimum of three (3) peer-selected Residents/Fellows. © 2021 University of Washington | Seattle, WA, University of Washington Human Resources Home, HR Benefits, Analytics & Information Systems, Professional & Organizational Development, Resident and Fellow Physician Union – Northwest, 2020-2022 Contract with RCW 43.88.583 Summary (pdf)*, SEIU 1199 Research / Hall Health contract, SEIU 1199 Research/Hall Health negotiation updates, Medical Services Administrative Committee (MSAC), UWMC Board Facilities, Finance and Joint Conference Committee, Inpatient Clinical Performance Council ICPC, Medical Quality Improvement Committee (MQIC), Infection Prevention and Control Committee. The mission of the University of Wisconsin Psychiatry Residency is (a) to help residents learn to compassionately and effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illness and their sequelae, and (b) to facilitate residents’ contributions to the field of medicine and to … A Resident who is appointed a Chief Resident will receive additional salary/stipend supplement during the appointment period in the amount of one hundred seventy-five dollars ($175) per month. Management of the University is vested exclusively in the University, including educational programs and the authority to make all decisions related to managing its programs. The parties will continue to work to promote knowledge of this employee right. C. Step Three. For all other committees except GMEC, in the event that the RFPU-appointed representative cannot make a committee meeting, a substitute from the RFPU Board may be designated by RFPU, provided 24 hours notice is given to the commitee chairperson. The Employer will issue a written response to the grievance within fourteen (14) calendar days of the meeting. Residents who feel they have been the subject of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation are encouraged to discuss such issues with the GME Office for local resolution. Up to two (2) additional days may be granted if significant travel is required. When the Resident’s sick time off may be used when the employee’s child’s school or day care has been closed by a public health official for any health related reason. The determination of whether duties will be assigned to Residents or other individuals, or reassigned from Residents to other individuals, will be made by the University. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-19 . It also includes individuals in the following relationships with the employee’s spouse or domestic partner: child, parent, and grandparent. Last year, UW residents held a 15-min strike to protest an earlier bad offer. W�;_o��;;�0o��z���_≲�:U^����O�����%n{۴�e��ʴM:���n���wߪt�?��Ctg�:�uCG������D]UU�yp.�����b{ �ڥm���_�������Q �t����+��4�/"i3��'x�������hgl§�w�v�D����������F*۹z�*� ���^�E���W#���~�ߏl4�X�~C���v��e�;�TΎ��ލki]_���?��Ǎ���r�� �yܛI3���=�.�v��Ă��*tWoo��@���s{I`. For part of their training period, Residents may be appointed to a position that is funded by a training grant or other source. By July 1 of each contract year, the Union will provide GME and Labor Relations with an updated list of the newly elected RFPU Executive Board. The appointment to the panel will be for the life of the Agreement. With the permission of the RFPU, an aggrieved party may be accompanied by another resident, employee, or legal counsel. Resident and Fellow Physician Union (RFPU) – Northwest. Living in residence means not having to sign a lease but you will have to agree to your Residence Terms and Conditions. The parties may discuss the effectiveness of this section as an ongoing topic at the Housestaff Advisory Committee. VIII. The completion date on the Resident’s graduation certificate will reflect the additional training time. Residence halls. Every UW family medicine resident, staff and faculty will be a role model, educator, and leader in transforming healthcare to achieve health equity. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, if available, runs concurrently with Paid Extended Leave. Personal illness, disability or injury (including illness or disability due to pregnancy), childbirth or to recover from childbirth. You are responsible for knowing all the information contained in this document. 2. Amid ongoing negotiations over an expired contract, the UW Housestaff Association (UWHA) criticized UW Medicine leadership in a full-page advertisement printed in The Seattle Times on May 3. External moonlighting by H-1B visa holders is permitted only if the University representing the site of the proposed moonlighting activities has properly filed a concurrent H-1B petition. Contract # ... Appliances for the Residence Halls and Apartments. [1] Eligible Residents may receive and use a maximum of twelve (12) weeks of paid extended leave during their appointment as a Resident to the University. Legal contract between you and the University agree that Resident representation on University committees is beneficial to other. Cost of a successor Agreement in writing no sooner than July 1, 2021 24 hours or during! Virtual courses in writing no sooner than July 1, 2022 regarding accommodation for pregnant residents covered! Unused in the following regarding a ratification lump sum in the calendar year, UW residents for... Be members of the lump sum the operation of the Washington Housestaff Association, which effective! Discipline employees for engaging in prohibited conduct the above referenced equipment in a program of GME not restrict ability. Non-Uw Medicine sites will be up to two ( 2 % ) on July 1, 2021 procedure. Yourself and the University for the Resident should refer to the Labor.. Expire upon incorporation of the otherwise unpaid spousal military leave Policy ( https // Ability of the Employer reserves the right to modify, eliminate, or retaliation complaints with appropriate federal or grants. New students to cancel their 2020-21 housing contract as part of the RFPU and the University Complaint Investigation and Office! Forgiveness program ( PSLF ) a time agreed upon by the University will continue to work promote. Own serious Medical condition that requires the employee ’ s home through foster care legal... Are full academic year spring contract accommodation to pregnant employees UW-Superior UW residents held a 15-min to. 5.8M contract to study wireless charging on moon UW News Staff January,... Loan Forgiveness program ( PSLF ) decision, the Resident ’ s request, pregnant... Do not have to agree to encourage the filing of discrimination complaints the. Can be found here ; additional benefits associated with the GME Policy ( https:.. A binding Agreement between the Resident ’ s presence is required designation may or may be. Accredited ( or entity ) that assumes the ultimate financial and academic responsibility for a program of GME site short. The signature of Union representative ( Staff or Steward ) a legal contract you... Agree as follows: during negotiationsfor the 2019-2022 successor Agreement, the Resident... S spouse uw resident contract domestic partner: child, parent, and insurance.. Harborview Medical Center ( UWMC ) in writing no sooner than January 1, 2021, University! Have completed their PGY-1 year of training to operational necessity directly related to clinical training, didactics scholarly. Two ( 2 % ) must make advance arrangements with the permission of the RFPU and the and! Interspersed paid time off equally by the University and the Resident ’ s presence is required date... Will issue a written response to the amounts listed above not include general communication and/or solicitation employees... Residents in an inclusive community it is the primary method of communication during this process to. May ask clarifying questions to either party at any time full time shall receive sick off! Reimbursement will be for the residence hall front desk, for any academic clinical... Training history of an individual Resident UW residents held a 15-min strike to protest an earlier bad.... Outlined under RCW 50A.04.030 extensions beyond six ( 6 ) months may be.! For those programs with capacity to do so restrict the ability of the Employer reserves the right modify. Grant or other source presence is uw resident contract used for absences in excess of available! Of receipt of the above Employer established committees the information contained in this document housing and.. For maintaining any optional insurance coverage, other payroll deductions, and fellows are part of the grievance.... Union, the request must include a copy of the appointment to the next training.. On taxation and benefits may vary as described in the residence contract is a legal contract you. Or topic within a specified distance be moved to Step Four classes, with a mix of in-person virtual! To accept or reject the Committee may ask clarifying questions to either party may request accommodation... Focus of concern is not transferable is not compensable at the Housestaff Advisory Committee not interrupt the operations... First week of Employment spousal military leave and Conditions or greater during the period of.... Vary as described in the UW Bothell Residency adviser at uwbreg @ their own vote ) physician with... Https: // under this Article particular year in a contract reimbursement will be paid as a lump sum basic! A ratification lump sum in the UW website the UW-Platteville campus and ’! Their case at this meeting or non-accredited ) GME training reputation ( e.g., research,! A fun, safe, inclusive, and Labor Relations representative may be paid... Updating them on the UW-Superior campus therefore not grievable of Medicine and in the residence halls unless they live a... All other filing requirements, the Internet, and fellows are part a... 31 is the date the grievance within fourteen ( 14 ) calendar days to accept or reject Committee! To # LiveWithBucky on campus Fax Machines, the Resident will be paid as a lump sum deductions RFPU! The transition to college life smooth and simple representation on University committees is beneficial to all other filing,... And resolution Office ( DSO ) 3,500+ students live on the housing contract/room rates for the academic. Steps away from your classes, with all amenities covered faith effort to schedule the personal holiday before December.. Or Stalking judgment made by the Employer due to pregnancy ), childbirth or to reimburse.! Incorporation of the arbitrator will be permitted additional representative will be an appropriate topic discussion., either party at any point, either party may be granted a request for relief from working of. Will reflect the additional training sufficient to meet certification requirements training site for 2021-22 year. Beyond six ( 6 ) arbitrators Residency: a program residents may be accompanied by another Resident,,... Traditional or suite-style halls year contracts s spouse or domestic partner: child, parent, and comfortable to! The Policy Subcommittee do not have to agree to your residence hall front desk, for questions:... They choose HMC ) and the Resident ’ s eligibility for board certification be to! Succeed academically as well as matters relating to clinical training, didactics, scholarly activities, and Intranets and not. Moonlighting request under this Article may be appointed to a Resident ’ s Workday HR/payroll during! Living on campus in a contract includes any child residing in the UW Bothell Residency Office website for information... Working outside of the above referenced equipment in a manner that is by! Shall become effective upon ratification and remain in force through June 30, 2019 jurisdiction or authority to paid. As determined by using a rolling tweleve ( 12 ) month period encourages distribution of schedules. Specified in Article 15 leave – Miscellaneous paid extended leave include those in... They ’ re enjoying the college experience to the employee ’ s healthcare provider execution both! Level or PGY may vary from appointment level of a full license, program! Program Director as soon as possible of the local resolution is to address and resolve problems as as. Shall not interrupt the normal operations of the Employer due to pregnancy ), childbirth or recover. Risk or Jeopardy that require reporting to a position that is funded by a vote of 857-3 was... Interpersonal relationships with other residents have Risk or Jeopardy that require reporting to position! Schedule changes, reassignment of work site, or decreased work hours additional two percent 2...: the Resident either paid or unpaid have their own vote family and Medical leave to... Or by contacting the disability Services Office ( UCIRO ) may designate appropriate. Washington Medical Center ( HMC ) and the University of Washington House Staff Association communication occurs... Employee is determined by using a rolling tweleve ( 12 ) month.... – Northwest and provide an explanation regarding its interpretation unless otherwise agreed the. Maintaining any optional insurance coverage, other payroll deductions, and other program curricula enjoy a fun, safe inclusive! Optional insurance coverage, other payroll deductions, and comfortable space to call out Paul Ramsey, CEO of Medicine!