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To enrol for Glen Oroua or Russell Street School contact Carmen Wilson

Thursday GLEN OROUA stage-coaching class is 3-4pm in the school library. Places available

12.45-1.45pm  RUSSELL STREET SCHOOL-Drama School. Cost $150 per term.  Places available.

To enrol or waitlist for this time please contact

3.30-4.30pm    ACADEMY SPEECH AND DRAMA 7-12 yrs Cost $240 per term  Places available

4.30-5.30pm    ACADEMY SPEECH AND DRAMA 12+ yrs (grades 5 & 6) Cost $240 per term  Places available

5.30-6.00pm   ACADEMY PUBLIC SPEAKING  all ages Cost $240 per term

Places available

6.00-7.00pm   SENIOR ACADEMY PUBLIC SPEAKING- 13-18yrs Cost $240 per term  

Places available

7.00-8.00pm   ACADEMY SPEECH AND DRAMA- 13-18 yrs Cost $240 per term 

Places available